Women Don’t Lie, It Is Men Who Don’t Listen

women don't lie

What if I say, women don’t lie? She may have told you that she was totally head over heels in love with you, and five minutes later say she hates your guts. When she says she hates your guts – this is what she is feeling right then and there in that present moment. Five minutes ago, when she told you she loved you, she did love you five minutes ago. But what she’s feeling right now, in this moment, is: I hate your guts.

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Again, it doesn’t matter if you did everything perfect for the first ten years you were together. What matters is that you screwed up five minutes ago, and now there’s hell to pay. Now you have to weather the storm, break through her barriers, and get back to her heart. You need to get her back in her feminine energy so she can open back up and be that playful, beautiful woman you love. You do this by using humour and understanding, and by letting her know that you are not going anywhere until you get to the bottom of it.

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A man usually doesn’t understand it when his woman walks out on him. She has been telling him all along: You are never around. You never spend any time with me. We never talk. You don’t care about what I want. These are the things that a woman does to get your attention, and that most guys just completely ignore. They don’t take her seriously, invalidating the way she is feeling at the moment. If you are invalidating her emotions, and she is an emotionally based creature, how long do you think she is going to take it?


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