Compliment: Why you should do it properly at the beginning


Compliment: Why you should do it properly at the beginning

Compliment is another thing that can have a negative effect on a woman’s attraction level, especially if she is beautiful. If she is
beautiful, then she has been told just that since she was five years old. She doesn’t need you telling her. She knows it. She sees herself every day in the mirror. There are probably 15 people she meets every day that tell her how beautiful she is. Even if it doesn’t have a negative impact, complimenting a woman you just met for the first time is not going to raise her attraction level in you, unless you do it properly, and you look attractive as a man.

Many guys who are just learning to use what I teach will often get
nervous and say, “You have really nice nails.” Then they will say,
“You have really nice hair.” Then they might compliment her on what she is wearing or some other BS compliment. What happens is their nervousness overwhelms their ability to act natural and say what’s really on their mind. What happens is that, instead of communicating their interest in a masculine way, they come off as robotic, uncomfortable, inauthentic, ass-kissy, phony and basically trying to use compliment as a bribe for sex. The woman feels a weird, unnatural vibe, and it feels like she is being clinically diagnosed, instead of authentically being celebrated and desired by a man who is used to getting what he wants.

If you’re going to compliment a woman, say what you’re really
thinking and feeling. These are some of the things I say to women
based upon how they make me feel inside: “You take my breath away. You’re intoxicating to look at. I want you. You’re sexy as hell. You have a fucking unbelievable body!” etc.
Obviously, for the average guy, it will take him some time to build up to being able to say these types of things fearlessly. Go at your own pace and comfort level.

Here’s another way to look at it. You don’t have to lay out the
compliment to a woman when you first meet her. The instinctive
radar she has is already telling her you are interested. If you walk up
and start talking to her, that already shows her you are interested. A
guy doesn’t have to tell a woman how pretty she is, how smart she is, or lay it on thick. See how to understand their secret language

When a woman gets compliment from a guy she
just met, she starts thinking: He’s just saying whatever he needs to say. You dont have to be a nice guy, Just remain alpha

That makes her feel as though she can’t trust you. You come off as a
pleaser, which is weak in her eyes. Her guard will instantly go up.

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Credit: Corey Wayne

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