20 marketing ideas for Real Estate professionals

20 marketing ideas for Real Estate professionals

20 marketing ideas for Real Estate professionals:

1. Send marketing materials to every customer

2. Get a website

3. Email newsletter

4. Upload downloadable white papers

5. Improve Google ranking via SEO (search engine optimization)

6. Pay-per-click.

7. Host seminars

8. Take customer surveys

9. Harness the power of Facebook

10. Publish press releases

11. Create a Google+ page

12. Encourage positive online reviews

13. Carry blank business cards

14. Customers video testimonials

15. Customers’ reviews on your website

16. Twitter

17. Online news comments

18. Leverage on LinkedIn

19. Publish a blog

20. Reach out to customers every day.

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6 tips for building lasting relationship

1. Focus on external communication

2. Maintain a positive attitude

3. Acknowledge your client as an individual

4. Share knowledge

5. Be open

6. Exceed expectations

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7 steps to effectively strengthen customer relationship

1. Send greeting cards

2. Keep an open line of communication

3. Know the stages of customer loyalty

4. Provide customer support

5. Ask for customers opinion

6. Don’t overlook current customers in your Marketing

7. Adopt your business model/ plan

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